June 30, 2010

Uniten Industrial Training: Subsea Asia 2010 Expo

Subsea Asia 2010 - 2nd Asian Subsea Conference and Exhibition
Place : Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC)
Date  : 9 June 2010 - 11 June 2010

Last week we have visited Subsea Asia 2010 Expo, 2nd Asian Subsea Conference and Exhibition held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) on 9 June 2010 until 11 June 2010. We have learnt in the region of oil and gas production using subsea and deepwater systems. Subsea Asia 2010 Expo have been promoted throughout Southeast Asia, China, India, and Australia.

From our point of view, this expo will really beneficial to Malaysia since our nation is quite new in this technology with KIKEH became its first project; and it will followed by MALIKAI and KEMBANGAN in the near future.

June 6, 2010


2 June 2010 - 3 June 2010, Wednesday - Thursday

MD : En Azdi Abass
Custodian : Piping 

Everybody busy with their job on presentation

Presentation by Our Process Engineer

- Last week, we was having a presentation with our client from MARA regarding the KKTM Kemaman project;the project which will become the 1st Oil n Gas College in the world,to be constructed in Kemaman.
- We have targeted to pay more attention on Depth Water Facilities/Technologies since in Malaysia, there is going to be a lot of Depth Water Project to be constructed in the upcoming years.
- The most challenging issue in relation to this project is we do not have any benchmark or reference to review and in the same time we need to collaborate with the industry experts to make sure that our syllabus and practical have fulfilled what the industry has demanded.
- That is going to be our responsibility in order to prove and convince our clients,so they will believe on what we had done all over the years.
- So Octagon Petroleum has been elected as Technology Provider (TP) for this project in order to set up all the Program Structure, Syllabus, Practical List, Equipment Required, Class & Lab/Workshop Layout until the end of the processes of Installation & Commissioning.
- This presentation/meeting will discuss more on the progression of our project in terms of Equipment List that is needed to be supplied for KKTM Kemaman.
- We have been struggling for the last 2 weeks to prepare the documents, slides and making research & study in relation to the information to defend and support on what we have been proposing to our clients.
- We also invited Subject Matter Experts from the industry especially from Tanjung Offshore & Scientige to present their proposal regarding on project skid & Offshore Technology Centre as our next project for KKTM Kemaman.
- We have decided to construct 8 Industry-Typed Skid consists of 2 operable skid and 6 non-operable skid for the student to have real picture on what they are going to face in the industrial world later. 
- As a TP for this project, we want those students who will study here to design and fabricate actual skid for their Final Year Project with collaboration and help from the industry. 
- However, unfortunately, our clients had rejected our proposal on that matter because it is not appropriate with their rule and regulations.
- In order to overcome this problem, we have made an internal meeting and our Managing Director had decided to take this issue to the management of MARA because we really need this project in order to fulfill what the oil n gas industry require.
- Basically, out target for those students who are going to study at KKTM Kemaman to become competence after only 3 years of learning and we think to achieve that, we really need industry to collaborate with the students for their Final Year Project.
- Please!!! Believe Us... 
- We doesn't want to create a 'Cukup-Cukup Makan' college because reliability & responsibility is our main priority.

Review and Revise by Cikgu Ejoll-Mustazar... Mekasih...